New Design For Free Naveed Butt Website

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The Free Naveed Butt website has been re-designed a year after Naveed was taken away by the agencies of the Pakistani government. Inshallah we shall we adding more content soon. We pray that this site does not need to be maintained for much longer and that Naveed finds himself back safely with his Family.

Naveed Butt Missing For A Year

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Naveed Butt has now been missing for a full year, it was 12 months ago on the 11th May 2012 that the thugs of Kayani abducted him from outside his home. In that year Pakistan as gone backwards and the elections to be held on the very day Naveed was adducted will change nothing. It was Naveed’s vision of a new politics for Pakistan that inspired so many around him.

Please remember him, his family and all other Muslims held in the dungeons of the tyrants. May Allah return them to us soon.

“And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].” [Surah Ibrahim:42]

Naveed Butt – Nine Months On

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As the number of days continues to grow since Naveed Butt was abducted by those who wish to silence the call for Khilafah in Pakistan, there is still no news of his whereabouts. Amongst all the political games that plague Pakistan, Naveed’s message continues to cause the authorities problems even after his abduction. This is simply because you cannot lock up an idea, you cannot make it disappear like you can a man.  Those calling for Khilafah continue to be harassed with brother Saad Jagranvi arrested on more than one occasion.

The message from the authorities is simple , political change will only be accepted within the corrupted democratic framework, a system implanted in the Muslim lands by the colonists and which continues to support their plans. Part of that plan is to silence the Ummah from ever demanding a true Islamic governance instead asking them to call for more democracy and fairer elections every few years.

Whilst western culture is openly tolerated and promoted in Pakistan , websites like this which call for the release of Naveed Butt have been banned, whilst the likes of Raymond Davis are treated like royalty after openly and arrogantly killing Pakistani Muslims , sincere politicians such as Naveed have simply vanished. These tactics have been used by dictatorial regimes throughout the Muslim world for decades, regimes which now lie shattered.

The true hypocrisy of the democratic system is shown by the unwillingness of the government to listen to its own law courts. Time and again the courts in Pakistan have asked for Naveed to be brought infront of them, however no one has followed these rulings. Even today the Supreme Court has ordered the deputy attorney general to seek and present report from Director General ISI, MI, ministry of defense & interior ministry within 1 week!.

Allah (swt) only knows what the outcome of this ruling will be and wether or not the court order will be followed. No matter how long it takes we will continue to try and do as much as possible to highlight the plight of Naveed.

As Muslims all over the world do everyday , we must take solace in the fact that Naveed has the help of Allah (swt) and with that nothing can defeat his call for the Haq.

The words of Allah (swt) are enough for us, when he gave the messenger of Allah (saw) this beautiful advice

“Be patient [O Mohammad] , for your patience is with the help of Allah.” (16:127)





Naveed Butt Always Maintained Democracy Was The True Problem

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It has been 262 days since Naveed Butt was abducted in front of his young children there is little doubt in the minds of his family, and the tens of thousands across the globe who demonstrated for his release that the perpetrators of his abduction were the Pakistani authorities.

Since that day there is been no real news of Naveed Butt’s whereabouts and despite the Pakistani courts repeatedly asking the secret services of Pakistan to bring Naveed in front of them this has not transpired. It is clear that despite all the political point scoring that disgraces the screens of Pakistani TV there is no real rule of law. Even when the democratic system which is the cause of all Pakistan’s ills, asks those in authority to do something they flatly refuse. Add to this the fact that Naveed Butt’s family has been threatened and warned about Naveed being killed, a true picture of the kind of ‘freedom’ democracy affords its citizens can be seen.

The Pakistani media in general has given very little coverage to the fate of Naveed Butt this is hardly surprising. Despite the vast array of channels now available in Pakistan it is amazing that most offer a very limited diversity of opinion, especially when it comes to Islamic political expression. Coverage is only given to those who speak within the framework of the current corrupted system,  your opposition to the government is only acceptable as long as the change you call for is democratic.

Naveed Butt for years clearly highlighted the true problem being the democratic system and not just the corrupt leaders Pakistan has had ever since its creation. It is for this reason that Naveed Butt and people like him are such a threat to not only the Pakistani government but also the global balance of power. A balance that corrupt rulers like Zidari and Kiyani spend their whole lives maintaining for the sake of others such as their American masters.

Naveed Butt never bowed down to pressures of others and always ensured that the sole reason for political action was to implement the the Hukm of Allah (swt) in word and deed.

Whilst 262 days is a very long time and Allah (swt) only knows how Naveed Butt’s family must cope with the situation, it is nothing in the eyes of Allah (swt) to the lifetime of subjugation the current system in Pakistan holds people to. Despite Naveed having lost his freedom he has maintained his dignity and Iman shown by the thousands around the world that work and pray for his release, compare this to the millions of suffering Pakistani’s who must make dua every day against the likes of Zidair and Kiyani.


Blocking Of This Site By Pakistani Government

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Sometime in the last few weeks the Pakistnai goverment took the decsion to block the domain from within Pakistan, once again attempting to slience the truth from reaching their own citizens. This at a time when false revolutions were being given wall to wall coverage in the media yet their true political opposition in the country such as Naveed Butt had been abducted many months earlier.

What makes this attempt weak is the ease by which it was subsequently surpassed and this site was once again accessible from within Pakistani within a matter of days, and any further attempts to block the word of Naveed Butt’s abduction getting out will similarly fail.

The irony is that whilst websites which openly portray non-islamic values and principles and spread corruption within Pakistan are still accessible it is only those sites which ask the people of Pakistan to think about their current plight are banned.



Free Naveed Butt Blog

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Today we by the grace of Allah (swt) launch our blog, the purpose being to have a central place to inform you about updates to the site.

Naveed Butt has now been missing too long the number of days are irrelevant. Since his abduction we have had thousands of visitors to this site, thousands of people have liked the Facebook page. In addition to all this hundreds have sent in their messages of support to the family of Naveed Butt.

Inshallah the campaign will never lose focus no matter how hard the corrupt rulers of Pakistan try.

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