Quote – Elections

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“The REALITY of DEMOCRACY, where colonialist ELECTION DRAMA is played out to allow the so-called representatives of the people to secure colonialist interests, whilst the people are just passive spectators. In order to end this “democratic spectacle” forever, it is essential that the Khilafah is established so that no door is left open for laws to be made to secure the colonialist interests because the laws of Allah ta’ala are unconditionally the law of the land.” 21 February 2008, (pk08010pr)

Naveed Butt – Words of Truth! p26

Quote – Economy

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“ There is no hope of any relief for a common man by merely changing governments and faces as these oppressive taxes are part and parcel of the Capitalist economic system and every ruler, elected or despot, implements the same capitalist system.” 12 June 2005, (pk05056pr)

Naveed Butt – Words of Truth! p31


Quote – Nuclear Assets

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“Where are those individuals today who by introducing the slogan of “Pakistan First” claimed to save the nuclear programme and Kashmir cause in exchange for the blood of Muslims of Afghanistan? One cannot call this as a strategy that the security guard of a house would himself gather all weapons in the house and hand it over to the robber in order to avert a robbery. … People should pressurise the rulers to eliminate American bases, sever diplomatic relations with America and establish the Khilafah.” 1 April 2003 (pk 03022pr)

Naveed Butt – Words of Truth p38



Quote: Sovereignty: False Flag Operations

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“America with the help of the treacherous rulers of Pakistan is orchestrating bomb blasts all over Pakistan to provide justification for the so-called War on Terror and to build public opinion for this. American secretary of defence Robert Gates himself alluded to this strategy. He said: “The more they get attacked internally, just like this terrible attack in Rawalpindi at the mosque, the more open they may be to additional help from us. ” 29 December 2009 (pk09061pr)

Naveed Butt “Words of Truth” p20

Quote – Sovereignty: North Waziristan

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“Admiral Mike Mullen, the US Chief of Joint Staff, has informed us that the preparations for the North Waziristan operations are ready. Hizb ut-Tahrir asks the sincere officers of Pakistan’s armed forces as to how long they will accept the long lies of the traitors? The only red lines that are left are handing over of nuclear assets and giving India a hand in the affairs of Pakistan! O sincere officers! Fulfill your oath and liberate this country from the traitors.” 31 May 2011 (pk11029pr)

  Naveed Butt “Words of Truth” p11.

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