HT Indonesia demanded the release of Naveed Butt

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In the heavy rain, Hizb-ut Tahrir stayed holding rally in front of Pakistan Embassy in Jakarta, 31 May 2012. They demanded the release of Naveed Butt, the Spokesperson of Hizb-ut Tahrir in Pakistan. In this opportunity, HTI delegation was welcomed by Ambassador assistant. Through the Pakistan embassy in Jakarta HTI stated their demands to Zardari-Gillani and Kiyani.Kidnapping of Naveed Butt is a despicable act and had no legal basis at all,” Ismail stated that Naveed Butt is an Islamic activist not a criminal. “There is no record at all, he has committed a crime. Therefore, he must be released unconditionally.”

In addition to demanding the release of his partner, Ismail also urged the Pakistan military to withdraw his loyalty from the American stooge regime to be loyal only to Islam for the pleasure of Allah alone. He said it in front of hundreds of Soaking wet HTI members.Now is the time to give nusrah (help) for the Hizb-ut Tahrir to establish the Khilafah, which will enforce sharia kaffah, stop and punish the traitors who have committed treason and crime,” he said.After completing rally in Pakistan Embassy the thousands of HTI members moved long march to Syria Embassy about two kilometers from Pakistan Embassy. They for the umpteenth time protested and condemned Basyar Al Assad who has killed thousands of Innocent people. HTI sent his delegation to meet ambassador to convey his critic.Not easy for the delegation to meet ambassador. The police ensured the Embassy official that there was no danger to receive Hizb-ut Tahrir. Through the police negotiations with Embassy official finally the delegation were received by the ambassador assistant. But the assistant didn’t please HTI delegation; Labib and Hafidz Abdurrahman to come in and sit down. He only welcomed them in front of office door. Brother Labib said to him “If you are Moslem you will never welcome your guests like this way!” Finally they were pleased to come in and sit down. Cynically the deputy of Ambassador listened to what delegation said. Labib said “The president Assad has to stop killing Moslem!” then he recited a Hadist ”

قَتْلُ الْمُؤْمِنِ أَعْظَمُ عِنْدَ اللهِ مِنْ زَوَالِ الدُّنْيَا.

Labib also said that Damascus the capital of Syria was ever being capital of Khilafah Islamiyah and now Moslems in Syria want to establish Khilafah Islamiyah.  Meanwhile Abdurrahman reminded Syria rulers not to let The United Nation, America and all foreign countries to solve crisis in Syria. Standing sullenly the assistant said “yes..yes…yes..” he look unpleased and wanted the delegation out soon.

After coming out from the embassy office Labib told hundreds of HTI members what had happened between the delegation and the assistant of Ambassador. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! The mass responded.

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