Press statement by the legal counsel of Naveed Butt’s family, Mr. Umar Hayat Sindu, Supreme Court Advocate

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Respected members of the media, human rights and legal fraternities,

السلام عليكم

Regrettably my client’s husband, Naveed Butt, the official spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan, was not produced today, Friday 18th May, in court by the government secret agencies, in compliance with judicial orders for the same, after his abduction on 11th May 2012.

I voice my grave concerns for the safety of Mr Naveed Butt, an electrical engineer and well known and respected politician on the national stage. Only recently Dr. Abdul-Qayyum, renowned dentist of Rahim Yar Khan and member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, was released by the government secret agencies after nine months of severe physical torture as well as mental torture, in spite of his age and diabetes illness, and was not even allowed to read the Quran, so as not to gain tranquility from reading it. And prior to the abduction of Naveed Butt, Habibullah Saleem an IT Manager and member of Hizb ut-Tahrir from Karachi was abducted by agencies and his whereabouts remain unknown. Are we to wait another nine months before even proof of life of Mr. Naveed Butt is given?

It fills me with regret that such a happening occurs in a country that was established in the name of Islam. Why are men of such good standing and character subjected to such treatment merely for calling to Islam and its state the Khilafah? What are the circumstances and standards for speedy justice? It is noted that the judiciary was allowed to act rapidly when Prime Minister Gillani, insulted the court so as to bring him back into line. Was this because the Prime Minister overstepped the actual lines of command in this country? Whereas on the other hand, it is noted that Dr. Abdul Qayyum, member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, who challenged that same American dominance in the country, languished in a torture cell for nine months with agencies lying under oath about his possession? Is this what law has become, a law of the jungle, a law of Jiss ki lathe us kee bains (Who holds the stick, owns the cow)?

Mr Naveed Butt has a vision for this country that will strengthen it, its armed forces and its good standing in the world. He has a right to be heard without recrimination, instead of being silenced through abduction. I appeal to all people of conscience to lend support to the cause of Mr. Naveed Butt.

السلام عليكم

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