Jazak Allah Khair for taking the time to visit this site. In order to spread the awareness about the abduction of Naveed Butt and others like him there are many things you can do which will only take a small amount of time but can have maximum effect. To help our visitors we have created a list of simple actions which will help spread the word about the plight of Naveed Butt and others like him, who the Pakistani government is suppressing for merely accounting them and their betrayal of the Muslims of Pakistan.  If you feel you can do other things or want to help in any other way please send us a message via the Contact Us page.

Suggested Actions

  1. You can make your friends, family and others aware of this site and the FreeNaveedButt Facebook page. Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a good way to get people who may never have heard about Naveed Butt to know about who he is and the work for Khilafah in Pakistan. It is better to keep posting all the latest updates about Naveed Butt to your friends rather than just tweeting or facebooking it once only. Please add the hash tag #FreeNaveedButt to your tweets.
  2. You can write a message of support for Naveed Butt by clicking here this will help highlight the global concern at the abduction of Naveed Butt. We will attempt to post as many of  these messages on the site as is possible.
  3. You can discuss the abduction of Naveed Butt with your friends and family , especially those in Pakistan. Highlighting the work for the Khilafah and the crackdown by the Pakistani government on those who call for political Islam.
  4. You can make dua for Naveed Butt and those who work for the Khilafah throughout the world that Allah (swt) makes their paths easy and gives their families sabr and strength at times of hardship.
  5. Keep checking back on this site for updates and further action points on a regular basis.

May Allah (swt) reward all your efforts.